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A social media website just like the ones you already use. For creators and influencers to post exclusive premium content. Set a monthly subscription price on your profile and all your content stays hidden until your followers pay.

For All Content

All types of content creators;
Celebrities, influencers, models, fitness bloggers, youtubers, cosplayers, photographers, musicians, artists, gamers, educators. The list is endless.

Post Exclusive

All you have to do is post your premium exclusive content; behind the scenes footage, exclusive posts, tutorials, previews, customised content, photos, videos, or simply selfies to generate a recurring income from your biggest fans.

Fastest Way
To Earn Big Pay

You get 80% commission from all payments collected from your subscribers.
Lets say you have 20,000 Instagram followers and just 1,000 (5%) subscribed to your profile for $10 per month.
You will earn $8,000 per month!

How to Earn Lots Quickly!

Sign Up

Free sign up.
Instantly become a creator once you set your subscription price allowing you to post and earn.


Choose whatever subscription price you like. Your followers have to pay this price to access your content. Change your subscription price anytime.

Post Content

Photos, videos, or Pay Per View Messages.
We recommend 5-10 posts before you start promoting.


Share your Privasposts profile on all your social media accounts with previews of your posts - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube etc

Earn $$

You get 80% commission on subscriptions, tips & donations, and Pay Per View messages.

I made over $11,000 in just 22 hours!!! I could not believe it! I had around 19,000 Instagram followers at the time. I uploaded 5 exclusive workout videos to my profile, and then I just posted previews of those same videos to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat!

Erin James

Australian model & influencer

How Much Could You Earn?

Lets say:

Social Media Followers:

Subscription Price: $

Then estimated* earnings would be between $400 and $2000 per month

*Estimate is based on between 1% and 5% of your followers subscribing and receiving 80% commission.
On average 8% to 10% of our content creators' followers on social media would pay for exclusive content.

Everything You Need To Make More Money!

Tips & Donations

Receive tips and donations from your subscribers. Post more content and interact with your subscribers to increase their support. Subscribers can utilise the tip button to support you fundraising for a specific project

Pay Per View Messages

Send direct photo or video messages to your subscribers that remain locked until they pay the price you set for that message. You can send a Pay Per View message to all subscribers at once.

Refer a Friend Bonus

You earn 5% (LIFETIME) of all Subscription income, tips, and Pay Per View Message revenue made by any user that joins via your referral URL. It does not include income your referred user earns through their own referrals.

Safe & Secure

Secure SSL encryption with a world leading provider Geo Trust Secure data. DMCA Copyright protection on your content and no downloads.

Messenger System

Only subscribers can send you direct messages. Send photos & videos and interact on a more personal level with your most loyal followers.

Statistics & Reports

Performance tracking and visibility of key statistics. Look up your top paying followers. View monthly earnings for the past 12 months.

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